WELCOME Baby Boomers!

If you’re a Baby Boomer – or know someone born between 1946 and 1964 – this blog is for you.

This Blog exists to provide information, support, and even humor focused on the Baby Boomer generation. 

  • Navigate through this site by clicking on the Categories found at the top of each page, including this one!
  • Enter Search terms in the box located to the right of each content page and all the articles relating to that Search will appear.
  • And above all else – please provide input in the form of Comments so that this Blog is an active venue in which ALL of us can contribute to each others’ Baby Boomer experience.

So WELCOME to Baby Boomers and More.  I hope to hear from you soon!  And if you like what you’re reading, please follow this Blog (ability to do so on any of the content pages) so you’ll receive a notification of each new posting.

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18 responses to “WELCOME Baby Boomers!

  1. Hi – Wanted you to know I nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blog award. Thanks for all you do. Best, Kay


  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I think it is wonderful. Therefore, I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    My post nominating you will go live on my blog on February 26 at http://mthupp.wordpress.com. I hope you will pass along additional nominations of great blogs, but even if you decide not to, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you write.
    Thank you.
    Theresa Hupp

    • That is very generous of you. Thank you. Isn’t it wonderful the variety of blogs/interests available at the touch of our fingertips? I am fortunate to have access to your blog, as well as so many, so readily.

      Sometimes technology can be frustrating – lots of times – but the benefits are great.

  3. Renard, I am pleased to tell you that I’ve awarded you a star for the Blog of the Year Award 2013! There’s no obligation to accept, I understand completely if you don’t. Anyway, thanks for reading and liking my blog “Dancing with Fireflies” I appreciate your support. For details about the award, please see my post about it http://fireflydance.net/2013/12/22/i-gladly-accept-the-honor/

    Have a Happy Holiday and All the best for you on the New Year!! Crysta

  4. hi Irene,
    good luck with your new concept – after those old times with typewriters …


  5. I thought I had replied to this lasts night , but now can’t find it. Could that be my age??? II am in the first year class of official Baby Boomers. Your blog looks great and I will read and learn…namaste.. . .. Anne.

  6. Great site. We at MindMattersMD appreciate your efforts. We hope you don’t mind, but we are going to refer some of our MindMattersMD.wordpress.com readers to your site. Knowledge is power. Thanks for your contribution.

    • Thank you for referring your readers to my site. I enjoy writing, but it’s getting good messages out that matter most to me. The more followers and readers, the better!

  7. Hi there!

    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Check out your link here: http://wp.me/p2xuFz-2M
    Thank you for inspiring me!

    Best Wishes,
    Kay Lynté ♥

  8. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please feel free to accept or do nothing as you wish. Keep on writing!


    • Thank you so much! I’m not certain if I’m allowed to accept the award again? A couple weeks ago I was nominated so I’m not certain if I’m supposed to post it again. Regardless of the process, I’m so grateful for your support and I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts on your site as it is very, very well done and your posts are so interesting! Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading!

      • Oh, I should have checked better! Anyway, there are 2 different pictures, so help yourself to the other one if you like. :)
        Thanks for the encouragement! Will keep writing as long as I have something to say…

  9. Thank you so much! In my years on this earth, that’s an award I’ve never received and I love it! Come to think of it, I’ve received very few awards, if any, so this one means that much more to me!! I’m in the process of following your instructions and hope to complete my response/blog entry in the next couple days.

  10. I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I really enjoy your blog and wanted to share that with my readers. For more information about this Award, see my post for today.

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