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Community discussion on Alzheimer’s disease

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Saturday, August 26th, 3 pm

I am excited about my next author event which will take place at Book Tree in Kirkland, Washington.

Book Tree is a fabulous, quaint, neighborhood bookstore that truly excels at bringing the community together.

Here’s the content of their website’s About section:

BookTree is a vibrant gathering place for the exchange of ideas, and discussion of books and the literary arts.  It is a place where all are welcome to continue their journey, expand their knowledge, feed their interests and further their education through books and literature.  It is a place for families to find and enjoy the best of current literature.  A place where our customers can hear local and traveling writers, authors and poets present their work.

BookTree is one of the few remaining independent bookstores on the Eastside that will be an important part of our city’s identity.   It will be successful because of the generous support of our community who values a stand-alone retail bookstore.

BookTree is owned by 2 people who are passionate about the inherent value of books, reading, writing, listening and sharing diverse ideas, and viewpoints.

I hope to see you on the 26th!

Kindness Fridays

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This week’s kindness places a spotlight on a primary person in my life who has supported me on my road to publication. If ever there was a kindness a debut author might covet, encouragement and unfailing belief in the writer’s abilities, goes a long, long way.

My husband, Jerry, lived through my Alzheimer’s caregiving experience with my father. He was on the receiving end of each one of my crying bouts and frustrations and always offered sage advice when none could be found within my own fractured psyche. When I announced I was thinking of writing a novel, he backed me 100%: reading portions and offering honest input such as telling me that the way I had written the male characters didn’t sound like the way a male character would act or talk. That was such valuable advice because my debut novel’s characters are equally split between male and female. Although my novel could fall into the Women’s Fiction genre, that is not the only audience for which it was written.

Quite simply, my husband enabled me – in a very healthy way – to accomplish what I have accomplished: the publication of Requiem for the status quo; a five year journey with a decidedly happy ending.

Cheers to the best man I could ever hope to spend my life with.


Lighten up Mondays

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Here are some great football jokes in honor of this past weekend’s pre-season start:

Three fans were talking about the sad state of their local football team:

The first fan blamed…: “I blame the manager; if we could sign better players, we’d be a great team.”

The second fan blamed…: “I blame the players; if they made more effort, I’m sure we would score more touchdowns.”

The third fan blamed…: “I blame my parents; if I had been born in a different town, I’d be supporting a decent team.”


Q: Why do coaches like punters?
A: Because punters always put their best foot forward.

Q. Why do ducks fly over Gillette Stadium upside down?
A. There’s nothing worth pooping on.

Q: Which football player wears the biggest helmet?
A: The one with the biggest head.

Q: What’s the difference between the San Francisco 49ers and a dollar bill?
A: You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.



Interview of fellow BRW author: Matthew Brockmeyer

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I’m always thrilled to promote fellow authors, especially those who have the same publisher as myself: Black Rose Writing.

Another author, Rebecca Howie, who interviewed me on July 16th, provides this wonderful peek into the world that Matthew Brockmeyer has created in his novel. I hope you’ll investigate what he’s up to!

Source: Indie Interview: Matthew Brockmeyer

Free Booksy giving away my novel for free!

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My debut novel is ranked #1 in all free books available in the Alzheimer’s disease category. Just a few hours remain to get my novel Requiem for the status quo for free as a Kindle book. Giveaway ends at the end of the day, August 12th. Look closely, the cost is $0.00.

Free Booksy is sponsoring this giveaway. Even when my book is purchased for free, it has a positive impact on my book’s ranking on Amazon.

What are you waiting for?

Meet the authors on Facebook — MARY K. TILGHMAN WRITES

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Please say you’ll come…. I am hosting a Facebook Meet the Author Party this coming Tuesday at 7 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) It’s all online so you can “come as you are.” What’s a Facebook party, you ask? It’s a way to collect people who’d like to meet right there on Facebook. Everybody comes to […]

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Kindness Fridays

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Very briefly, I’ll relay a kindness that was gifted me earlier this week.

I entered an elevator in a business building occupied by two other patrons from higher floors. People who share an elevator with me are always caught unawares because I’m one of those annoying people who talk to others in elevators while the rest of the general population pretends they are invisible as they hover in the corner.

This older gentleman – older than me by at least ten years – had on the brightest green sneakers…there was no way I wouldn’t compliment him on his choice of footwear. He explained that he wears those sneakers when he’s riding his bike through the streets of Seattle – plus lots of lights and flashers – because he doesn’t want to end up as a bicyclist pancake on the street.

We arrived at the Lobby floor, much to the delight of the other, non-talkative elevator occupier, and I extended my hand for her, and the older gentleman to leave, after all, they occupied the elevator prior to me. That is the unwritten right of passengers.

No. That was not to be the case. The older gentleman waved me ahead of himself because he still maintained the courtesy of letting women go first.

That’s all; that’s my kindness, and it was delightful.