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It’s definitely not moose hunting season so I can’t come up with any reasonable explanation that even makes the smallest bit of sense in this recent moose abuse news article.

ja:シアトル・マリナーズのボール。 en:Baseball of Seattle Mariners
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Seattle Mariners baseball team mascot, the Mariner Moose, was on-site at a Seattle area Boeing plant on “public safety day” when one of the Boeing employees reared back his fist and punched the moose in the snout.  Mind you, the snout is quite padded and is certainly more than adequate at protecting the person behind the mascot moosona (not persona, moosona) but what brought on this moose abuse?

If the former NY Yankees’ mascot (1979 – 1981) Dandy, were still around, no explanation would be needed if someone had punched the Dandy.  Seattle fans don’t like the Yankees, and I’m sure the feelings are mutual.  But what did the Mariner Moose do in its illustrious mascot career to deserve such an assault?  Everyone is treating this incident as humorous – everyone except the Boeing Company.  A disciplinary action has been initiated to look into this employee’s amoosing behavior.

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