August 2013 Celebrations

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If you’ve not seen one of my celebration posts yet, please note that so many of the “celebrations” I post are made up by some entity on the Internet.  I like the fact that any person at any time can feel free to be creative and post “official” monthly celebrations.  Speaking of which:

Monthly: Admit You’re Happy Month; Water Quality Month

Weekly: 1st week:  National simplify your life week; 2nd week: National Smile Week :-); 3rd week: Friendship Week; 4th week: Be kind to humankind week

August 1: National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

August 4: Friendship Day; International Forgiveness Day (makes sense to me!)

August 6: Wiggle your toes Day

Two typical Zucchini
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

August 8: Sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch Day (obviously a bumper crop this year)

August 9:  Book lovers Day (love it!)

August 13:  Left hander’s Day

August 16:  National tell a joke Day; (did you hear the one about …  )

August 21:  Senior Citizen’s Day (hip hip hooray!)

August 25:  Kiss and make up Day

August 26:  Women’s equality Day (Amen!!!)

August 27:  Global forgiveness Day

August 30:  Toasted marshmallow Day (get the graham crackers and chocolate bars ready!)

English: A pile of Planter's brand trail mix, ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

August 31:  National trail mix Day (the snack that tries to be healthy but tastes too darn good to actually be healthy)

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