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Here’s a peek into a story that was in the news lately in my neck of the woods.  This story is from Oregon, not that far from us in Washington state:

Baby buys car while playing on parents’ cellphone is quirky enough to make it to this week’s blog news article.  EBay is certainly a place where adults bid and pay for items they can’t do without, but this 14-month old little girl accelerated her EBay skills the other day.

Austin-Healey Sprite
Austin-Healey Sprite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through some stroke of luck(?) this little tyke bid on a sports car, won the bidding war, and her parents then found out that they now owned the sports car.   They explained the situation to the person auctioning off the sports car and were given a reprieve – but in the end, they decided to go ahead with the sale.  Looks like this young lady has landed herself a sports car well in advance of her teenage years.  She’ll be the envy of all her friends.

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