WWYD – What would you do?

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Here’s a new category of posts in which I will provide a circumstance, and you can provide your potential response; similar to a television show in the United States for which I’ve seen ads.

Here’s the circumstance that I encountered today that has inspired this initial post:

I walked into my local grocery store today, and waited at the Customer Service counter to cash in my winning lotto ticket:  $10    Woo hoo!  (The Customer Service counter is just outside of the public restrooms.)

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As I waited for customer service, what did I see, but a male customer exiting the men’s bathroom, with a USA Today newspaper in his hands.  It doesn’t take an advanced educational degree to discern what this customer had just done – in the bathroom, with a newspaper.  By the way – USA Today is just one of many newspapers found on shelves approximately 20 feet inside the store’s entrance that one can pick up and purchase at checkout.

But that’s not all.  This customer then placed the very same newspaper – no longer a virgin-clean newspaper – on one of the seldom-used checkout counters, gathered his shopping cart where he had parked it while he did his business in the bathroom, and then happily proceeded to do his shopping.

As luck would have it, this same gentleman was right in front of me paying for his groceries while I loaded up the checkout counter with my soon-to-be-purchased items.  He walked away, I took my place at the checkout counter, glanced over at the seldom-used counter near the public restrooms, and there lay the USA Today, in all its tainted glory.

What would you do?

Postscript: A family member/reader suggested that the newspaper reader may have indeed already paid for the USA Today.  I agree, that’s a possible scenario.  Let’s take that thought a wee bit further, shall we?  Perhaps the paper had been paid for and the newspaper reader left it on the checkout stand so that someone else may enjoy the day’s news, free of charge.  (What a generous thought on my part.)

Even going with that wonderfully generous supposition, shouldn’t the next person on the receiving end of the free newspaper have been made aware of the previous owner’s potty antics e.g., perhaps the satisfied pottier could have placed a sign on the newspaper stating that this issue of USA Today had already spent considerable time in the men’s bathroom and therefore, in full disclosure, you have first right of refusal should you decide not to read a newspaper that has been in close proximity to someone’s morning duty?

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