June Celebrations – have some fun with it!

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See June 30th (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You don’t have to celebrate any of these “holidays” but at the very least, I hope you’ll have fun reading about them (I will be skipping a few days):

June 1   Dare Day

June 2   National Bubba Day

June 3   Repeat Day (I said, “Repeat Day”)

June 4   Hug your Cat Day (get the antiseptic and bandaids ready!)

June 5  World Environment Day

June 6   National Gardening Exercise Day – get out and exercise w/your plants

June 7   National Doughnut Day (always the 1st Friday in June – naturally!)

June 8  Best Friends Day

June 11  Hug Holiday (cats? dogs? slugs? people?)

June 13  Sewing Machine Day (does anyone still own one?)

June 14  Flag Day

June 15  National Hollerin’ Contest Day (gosh, I hope the neighbors don’t observe this one!)

June 16  Father’s Day and Fresh Veggies Day

June 17  Eat Your Vegetables Day (see June 16)

June 18  International Panic Day – is that here already!!!!!!!

June 21  Finally it’s Summer Day

June 23  Take your Dog to Work Day (and Clean Up After ’em Day)

June 26  Forgiveness Day (my favorite thus far)

June 28  Insurance Awareness Day – what a bunch of bunk!

June 29  Waffle Iron Day (see June 13th)

June 30  Meteor Day (see June 18th)

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