Transitions in Dementia Caregiving.

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Welcome to Catching Up to the Disease: Transitions in Dementia Caregiving.

Attention one and all!  There’s a new website out that will be addressing the challenges of being a caregiver.  The author/owner of this website, Don Desonier, is coming from the perspective of someone who very recently lost his spouse as a result of dementia complications.

Don’s five-year journey as a caregiver provided him with heart-rending experiences from which he garnered exceptional insight and wisdom.  I personally look forward to his article postings – so much so, that I became his first blog follower.  At the very least – why don’t you check out the website and visit from time to time.  I feel confident that you’ll walk away feeling renewed with the realization that you’re not alone, and somehow or another – there’s a way through this difficult journey that you’re on.

I commend this Blogger, and I love him.  Don is my brother and he was an extraordinary caregiver to his wife of almost twenty-five years.

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