soak it all up

I interrupt your life for this brief message.

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When was the last time you just soaked it all in?  I’m not talking about soaking in the sun’s rays – hard to find in most places at this time of year anyway.  And I’m not referring to settling your weary body down into a relaxing hot bath.

How about today, you decide to soak in all the good that is in your life?

But you say, “I have no time for that because the bad in my life far outweighs the good.”  My response to that?  Perhaps you need to even out the scales.

Right now, make a concerted effort to write down three things for which you can be grateful; things that encourage a smile on your face; things that make you forget – even for a second – all that weighs you down.

Now celebrate those three things by soaking in the feather light feeling they create.  If that sensation is something you’d like to feel again, well – you’re in charge.  Set aside time each day to allow the good to displace some of the bad.

If you celebrate even the smallest of good aspects of your life, you may discover that countless mini-parties await you.  What have you got to lose?