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This Week’s Good News!

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A recent post in the subscription-only web magazine, The Week, had the following story to share:

When Seth Marko discovered he needed emergency open-heart surgery, he wasn’t sure what would happen to the Book Catapult, his San Diego bookstore. Then Scott Ehrig-Burgess, manager of a rival bookstore nearby, stepped up.

He offered to run the Catapult while Marko, 43, was in the hospital, and recruited eight volunteers from other bookstores to help. For more than a week, Ehrig-Burgess faithfully opened and closed the Catapult and trained the volunteers while also working at his own shop.

“It’s pretty incredible,” said Marko.

Rival bookstores combine to be an extraordinary book-selling community!

Focus on Caring: Looking for trouble

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Compassion facesMy oh my how often we are on the road, driving to our intended destination, and we observe someone with car trouble.  Each and every time I observe such a scene I always say a little prayer that the Universe will step in and send someone to be of assistance to this poor soul.

Thomas Weller of San Diego, California looks for trouble and provides assistance in the form of: fuel for those who thought driving on fumes would get them to their destination, a change of tire for that troublesome flat tire that started out as a slow leak but ended as a pancake, or a lift to a safer place so that the stranded motorist could get off the highway.Flat tire

This isn’t a passing fancy of his, he’s been doing it for 50 years. Read the rest of this entry »