International Day of Peace

November 2013 Celebrations

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As is customary each month, I am providing celebrations – some fiction, some non-fiction – that you might consider in November.

Maple tree on my street
Maple tree on my street

Month: Aviation History Month; and National Novel Writing Month (very interested in the latter because I am still struggling to finalize my own novel)

  • Nov. 2: Book Lovers Day (I am an extreme book lover); and move your clocks back one hour when you go to bed today if you have been observing Daylight Savings Time)
  • Nov. 6: Marooned without a Compass Day
  • Nov. 8: Cook Something Bold Day (for some of you, that may simply be a peanut butter & jelly sandwich)
  • Nov. 11:  Veteran’s Day (thank you everyone who is serving, or has served, your country in this manner)
  • Nov. 13:  World Kindness Day (if everyone observed this holiday every day, there would be no need for wars)
  • Nov. 15:  Clean Your Refrigerator Day; and America Recycles Day (makes sense to me)
  • Nov. 17:  World Peace Day (see Nov. 13)
  • Nov. 21:  Great American Smokeout (millions have quit so it must be possible – will this be your chance?)
  • Nov. 23:  National Adoption Day (in honor of my sister, Mary, and her daughter, Kristina)
  • Nov. 28:  Thanksgiving Day (which doesn’t have to be about food – it can be about feeling and expressing your gratitude)
  • Nov. 29:  You’re Welcome Day
  • Nov. 30:  Stay at Home Because you are Well Day

September Calendar “Celebrations”

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Stumbled across these special occasions for September in a local, Seattle-area magazine.  The ones with which I am familiar are written in bold print; the rest, not so much.  So tell me – do these celebrations sound familiar to you, in your part of the world?

  • September 3: Labor Day
  • September 4: Eat Another Dessert Day
  • September 9: Grandparents Day
  • September 13: Positive Thinking Day
  • September 16: Working Parents Day
  • September 17: Constitution Day
  • September 21: International Peace Day
  • September 23: National Checkers Day
  • September 27: Ancestor Appreciation Day
  • September 30: Chewing Gum Day