International Peace Day

September 2013 Celebrations

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Back to school for lots of the younger set out there, so the older set might have a wee bit of time to catch up on their reading – starting with this month’s celebrations – some wacky, some serious.

Monthly celebrations:  Classical Music Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, National Courtesy Month, and Self-Improvement Month

Daily – some of which I’ve skipped:

Emma Nutt
Emma Nutt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

September 1:  Emma M. Nutt Day – the first woman telephone operator

September 2:  Labor Day, of course, but also National Beheading Day (don’t lose your head over this one)

September 4:  Newspaper Carrier Day (I hope these people never lose their job because that would mean that the paper newspaper has become a thing of the past)

September 5:  Be Late for Something Day – but not your own wedding!

September 6:  Read a Book Day ; also Fight Procrastination Day

September 8:  Grandparent’s Day – be sure to click on the link I’ve attached to see how Australia honors grandparents!

September 10:  Swap Ideas Day

September 11:  911 Remembrance Day; also No News is Good News Day (which seems appropriate considering)

September 13:  Blame Someone Else Day (it wasn’t me!)

September 16:  Step Family Day (yippee!); also Mexican Independence Day

September 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 21:  International Peace Day – best day of the month, and timely to say the least

September 27:  Native American Day

September 28:  National Good Neighbor Day – establish your own friendly neighborhood watch; simply watch out for one another

September Calendar “Celebrations”

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Stumbled across these special occasions for September in a local, Seattle-area magazine.  The ones with which I am familiar are written in bold print; the rest, not so much.  So tell me – do these celebrations sound familiar to you, in your part of the world?

  • September 3: Labor Day
  • September 4: Eat Another Dessert Day
  • September 9: Grandparents Day
  • September 13: Positive Thinking Day
  • September 16: Working Parents Day
  • September 17: Constitution Day
  • September 21: International Peace Day
  • September 23: National Checkers Day
  • September 27: Ancestor Appreciation Day
  • September 30: Chewing Gum Day