Kindness Fridays

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For some, this may seem a trivial expression of kindness. For me, not so much.

When my husband and I aren’t hiking, we “hike” through the streets of our very hilly neighborhood. We have various walks that we take:

  • The Wall – a very steep incline in a short period of time
  • The Monster – a very steep incline over a longer stretch of time
  • The Broadhurst (or Reverse Broadhurst) – a longer walk in an adjacent neighborhood, and
  • The Broadhurst Monster – a steep hill in that same neighborhood

While on our walks, I lift up my hand in greeting to everyone who drives by, and without fail, the driver always returns the gesture. Sometimes the occupant in the car gives me a hand greeting before I can even lift my arm to do so.

“Yeah, but Irene, that’s not a very deep connection with someone; it’s just a throw-away gesture.”

Not to me it isn’t. It’s one way of connecting with people I might never meet. And besides, maybe the “hello” affects them just as positively as it affects me. What a great and simple gift that is.

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