Don’t go there

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mask-389940_1280When a person or a group of people stoop low in the way they communicate or behave towards you or others:

Don’t go there.

If someone pushes your buttons:

Don’t go there.

When your last nerve has been stepped on and you feel inclined to blow:

Don’t go there.


Rather than stoop to the depths of others, choose instead to go high. Seek the high ground in every situation in which you are tested and teased; ridiculed or bullied.

Go high.

Show others the true measure of who you are, perhaps giving them something to which they too may aspire.

3 thoughts on “Don’t go there

    […] it a better option that collectively, the world decides once and for all, “Not gonna do it. Not gonna go there. I’m gonna kill the story by not feeding it. I’m not gonna ruin someone else’s […]


    […] as succinct as possible, somewhere along the lines of an article I wrote on December 27, 2016: Don’t go there. Let’s face it, as a writer, I should be able to use an economy of words to get my point […]


    Jill Weatherholt said:
    December 27, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    Great advice, Irene. Refusing to stoop to someone’s level is always the best road to take. 🙂


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