Lighten up Mondays

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Wealthy class priorities:

A well-turned out man was driving his new BMW convertible.  He had the top down, his right hand on the wheel, and his left arm hanging out the driver’s side window.  With his IPod going full blast and singing at full voice himself, he didn’t notice that a rust bucket of a vehicle had pulled around to pass him and sideswiped the BMW in the process.  The wealthy man pulled to a stop.

“My car!” he cried, “my beautiful car!”

When a policeman came by, the man told the officer about the accident.  His car was a wreck, and it didn’t even have 50 miles on the odometer!

“You’ve got more to worry about than your car, sir” replied the officer.  “You need an ambulance.  Your arm is badly injured.”

The driver looked at his arm and cried, “My Rolex!  My beautiful Rolex!”