How’s Karma treating you?

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Dahlia flower globeGood Karma for Mrs. Sherman. If you think what you do – great or small – has little effect on the world at large, think again.  The attached article by author Brad Meltzer tells a story that will make you a firm believer in the theory that the order of the universe isn’t random, it’s prescribed and you are one of the prescribers. (Please read this very brief commentary, then read Mr. Metzer’s fabulous article as a treat for your efforts.)

Here’s an excerpt from Mr. Meltzer’s article in which Brad illustrates the best lesson of all:

When you do something good in the world, it brings out the good in others. And it always, eventually, spreads good elsewhere.

Wouldn’t you rather be an instrument for good, rather than evil?  If you aspire to make an impact on the world, what kind of imprint are you leaving? Are you waiting for the right time to do something grandiose to benefit mankind, or are you doing important deeds on a daily basis, regardless of how small?

You might say, “I always do good things for others but rarely get to see the impact of those good actions.”

It doesn’t matter whether or not you see the outcome, all that matters is that your deeds are making a difference.  You have to believe that they do.  The same thought applies if you’re doing destructive things.  You may not see the ill effects of those actions on others and therefore assume that they had little impact on the person or persons involved, but you would be wrong.

Everything you do matters, that’s why it’s important to provoke the positive, rather than the negative.  Let’s not get hung up on requiring proof that our good deeds helped someone and let’s certainly not get disappointed when those deeds appear to go unnoticed.  Trust me, they got noticed, and those benefiting from them are the ones who noticed the most.

 Now for your treat: Good Karma for Mrs. Sherman.

One thought on “How’s Karma treating you?

    Jill Weatherholt said:
    June 23, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    I agree 100% with Meltzer. Although I might not see the result of a good deed I’ve done, I know in my heart, I’ve done the right thing.


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