Rejection: part and parcel of the writing craft

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Labyrinth redGetting Out of the Labyrinth: Part 6 – Submission. The attached article on the submission process of trying to secure a literary agent, was written – and experienced – by now successful author, Kate McIntyre.  This exceptional article is Part 6 of a series that so painstakingly and accurately describes the writing journey of a debut author.

God help my withering writer’s soul and those of other struggling writers that perish in publishing purgatory.

Top 10Maybe if I had majored in creative writing while in college instead of French, for pity’s sake, I would be well into my career with a dozen or more books ranked in the top-10 on Amazon as well as being able to boast that one of my novels resided on the New York Times Bestseller List for a record number of weeks in a row.

But that’s highly unlikely; just ask all the very accomplished authors in the world and they’ll tell you that those types of publishing statistics are reserved for the very few writers who are part of a very small elite group.

But that’s okay.  I write to entertain, inform, and  enlighten the reading public.  That’s my sincere intent.  My heavens, with hundreds of blog articles and several published articles in the online publication, Grandparents Day Magazine, I’d better be making some sort of difference in the world’s writing arena.  If I didn’t think I had something worthwhile to say, I’d stop right this instant, give away all the writing resources that have gotten me to this point, and stubbornly ignore all the worthwhile stories that demand to be born.

Writing something from which no one benefits doesn’t interest me; what a worthless prospect.

Woman arms in airI’m taking comfort in the fact that writing success is hard to come by for everyone but it is something for which I will ceaselessly strive.  For sure I’ve felt discouraged along the way, but I’ve never been dissuaded.

I will secure an agent.  That agent will secure a publisher.  And we’ll bring my story to light.

Just watch us.

Please see my article, Requiem for the status quo, for a peek at my debut novel.

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