December 2013 Celebrations

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Photo by Scott Bauer.
Photo by Scott Bauer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only 31 days left in 2013.  Here are a few serious and not so serious dates to celebrate:

Monthly events:  Bingo Month; and Write a Friend Month (a real, paper letter, not a Tweet, text, e-mail, FB post, etc.)

  • Dec. 1: Eat a Red Apple Day; and World Aids Awareness Day
  • Dec. 3: National Roof over your Head Day (definitely something for which to be grateful)
  • Dec. 5:  End of Hanukkah (Chanukah); and Bathtub Party Day
  • Dec. 6:  St. Nicholas Day
  • Dec. 7:  Pearl Harbor Day
  • Dec. 8:  National Brownie Day (yum!); and International Children’s Day (I’m happy for the children in my life)
  • Dec. 10:  Human Rights Day
  • Dec. 12:  National Ding-a-Ling Day (probably not the same intent as that from the song “My Ding-a-Ling” written and recorded by Dave Bartholomew; also covered by Chuck Berry in 1972)
  • Dec. 16:  National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • Dec. 21:  Humbug Day; and 1st Day of Winter (makes sense)
  • Dec. 24:  National Chocolate Day (I’m sensing a trend)
  • Dec. 25:  Christmas Day
  • Dec. 26:  Kwanzaa; and Boxing Day
  • Dec. 27:  National Fruitcake Day (do they drop them off tops of buildings?)
  • Dec. 31:  Make up your Mind Day (I will make up my mind not to have any New Years resolutions)

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