Lighten up Mondays

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A preacher was asked to give a talk at a women’s health symposium.  His wife asked about his topic, but he was too embarrassed to admit that he had been asked to speak about sex.

Sailing in front of Helsinki, Finland. 8mR Sag...
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Thinking quickly, he replied, “I’m going to be talking about sailing.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” said his wife.

The next day at the grocery store, a young woman who had attended the lecture recognized the minister’s wife.  “That was certainly an excellent talk your husband gave yesterday,” she said.  “He really has a unique perspective on the subject.”

Somewhat surprised, the minister’s wife replied, “Gee, funny you should think so.  I mean, he’s only done it twice.  The first time he threw up, and the second time, his hat blew off!”

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