Lighten up Mondays.

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A woman walked into an expensive dress store and announced to the owner,

“I’m the greatest salesperson ever and I want a job.”

“That’s quite a claim,” the owner responded, “but unfortunately I don’t have any openings.”

Undaunted, the woman asked,”How many dresses does your best employee sell in a day?”

“Five or six,” the owner answered.

Without blinking an eye, the woman claimed, “I’ll sell twelve without pay or commission, just to show you how good I am.”

The owner, knowing she couldn’t lose, agreed.  And, indeed, just an hour before closing, the new salesperson had sold eighteen dresses.

“Do I get the job now?” she asked.

“I’ve got one more test for you,” the owner declared.

She went back into the storeroom and returned with the most hideous dress imaginable.

“Sell this dress by the time the store closes tonight and you’ve got a job.”

Forty-five minutes later, the woman marched into the owner’s office and threw down the sales receipt.

“I’m impressed,” the owner admitted in amazement.  “You’ve got the job.  How on earth did you convince somebody to buy that dress?”

“Getting the woman to buy it wasn’t a problem.  The hard part was blindfolding her Seeing Eye Dog.”

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