Lighten Up Mondays.

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The third-grade teacher was shocked to find a number of foul words scrawled on the blackboard when she walked into the classroom.

“Children,” she said sternly, “you are much too young to use such vile language.  Now, we’re all going to close our eyes and count to fifty, and while we’re counting, I want the little boy or girl who wrote those words to tiptoe up and erase them.”

At the signal, the teacher and her students closed their eyes and the teacher counted out loud, very slowly.  When she reached fifty, she said, “All right class, everybody open their eyes.”

All eyes went to the blackboard.

None of the words had been erased, and below them was the message:

“The Phantom strikes again.”

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    Birth of a Class Clown | findingtimetowrite said:
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    […] Lighten Up Mondays. ( […]


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