The glaring difference between Ann Coulter & John Franklin Stephens.

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An Open Letter to Ann Coulter.

In all of my busyness, I was not aware of this gentleman’s response, contained in the link above, to Ann Coulter’s usage of a word that evolved people no longer use when describing those with Down Syndrome or other learning disabilities.  During the most recent U.S. Presidential Election, I watched the interview in which Ms. Coulter used the R-word.  She made no apologies, and she even scoffed at the idea of having to be politically correct all the time.  I was horrified, but I didn’t do anything about it.

John Franklin Stephens did something about it – and did so quite eloquently.  You are a hero to me Mr. Stephens, and you are a hero to the rest of us who have a heart of compassion towards others.  A great definition of compassion is as follows:

Compassion isn’t a sign of weakness, but of civilization. – Nicholas Kristoff, Seattle Times columnist.

I think that as a society most of us are trying to be more civilized, rather than less.  That doesn’t appear to be the case with Ms. Coulter.

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