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Focus on Caring: raising children who care

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Source: 7 Ways To Help Your Kids Embrace Kindness – By Lucy Martial

Compassion facesWe’ve all heard the admonishment that we should lead by example.  The intent of that statement focuses on providing good examples for not only our own children and grandchildren, but also our neighbors’ children, school students, and all other young people with whom we come in contact.  The final increment of this Focus on Caring series suggests that adopting an attitude of caring is best started at an earlier age.

If we live in such a way that our words and actions positively influence the younger set among us, we are to be rewarded.  But if our actions negatively influence children, we’ve done them – and the world – a grave disservice.

The article attached above from the Kindness Blog – a website that ONLY provides stories that focus on kindness – lists seven suggestions for effectuating kindness in children.

My article focuses on two of the article’s very apt suggestions: Read the rest of this entry »