On Aging and Kindness

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old couple in loveKindness smooths out many daily wrinkles and benefits so many. We all need to remember that we’ll not be the age we are forever. Imagine being quite a bit older. Wouldn’t you want to be respected and treated kindly? Of course you would.

I hope you enjoy this piece from a fellow blogger on that very topic.


When I finished college in the mid-70s, jobs were scarce. I searched for months to find employment. Of course, the fact that I was an English major with no discernible or useful skills probably played a small role in my joblessness.

But after eons of fruitless resume-scattering, I received two job offers in the same week.

One job was as manager-trainee for a large discount chain store. The other was a clerk’s position for a nonprofit organization providing services for the elderly.

The retail job was a bit more money, and had that magical seductive word “manager” in the title. I was a college graduate after all! Summa cum laude, even. The no-discernible-skill part was immaterial (to me).

The nonprofit job was the absolute lowest rung on the nonprofit ladder. I would be typing names and addresses on service orders.

But my mother – who you know by now is…

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One thought on “On Aging and Kindness

    Anonymous said:
    February 15, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    I just loved this article. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. It gives us all a good look at humility, kindness and compassion – especially the willingness to “rise above the rules” when the impact on someone’s life is so meaningful and important.


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