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TeamworkHow Legion of Boom’s message of brotherhood helped save the Seahawks’ season | Larry Stone | The Seattle Times.  Larry Stone, sports writer at the Seattle Times newspaper, wrote an inspiring column that highlights the “us” philosophy of the Seattle Seahawks team.  Note: this is not just an article about football – it’s much, much more.  I addressed a similar message in my article: Teamwork: playing nice together.  Here’s an excerpt from that article:

Working in tandem is effective only when each person grabs a hold of the baton for their portion of the project.  In relay racing, one person doesn’t run the entire race, everyone does their part; no single effort is worth more than the other.

When you read Larry Stone’s and my articles (both attached above) you’ll come to the conclusion that the principle that is being proposed is not just football-related, it’s also society-related.  Teamwork and brotherhood apply to all aspects of our lives.  When we concern ourselves with others and commit to being a part of the whole – rather than an island unto ourselves – we create a cohesive force with which to be reckoned.  Seahawks cornerback, Byron Maxwell, put it this way:

During tough times — and you’re going to go through tough times — it’s a lot easier to handle with someone you’re close with.’’

Again referring to my earlier article, this concept applies to sports teams, intimate partners or business partners, and in the boardroom as well as on the construction site.

When it seems like the whole world is against you – those unavoidable tough times – it’s nice to know that at least in your little corner of the world, someone’s got your back.

That thought alone should be inspiration enough to take on the team mindset, rather than the me, myself, and I concept.


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