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Karma at work in heaven:

???????????????????????????????Three men died and went to heaven.  Upon their arrival, St. Peter asked the first if he had been faithful to his wife.  The man admitted to two affairs during his marriage.  St. Peter told the man he would receive a compact car to drive in heaven.

Then St. Peter asked the second man if he had been faithful to his wife, and the man admitted to one affair.  St. Peter told him he would be given a midsize car to drive.

The third man was asked about his faithfulness, and he told St. Peter he had been true to his wife until the day he died.  St. Peter praised him and gave him a luxury car.

A week later the three men were driving around, and they all stopped at a red light at the same time.  The men in the compact and midsize cars turned to see the man in the luxury car crying.  They asked him what could possibly be the matter – after all, he was driving a luxury car.

“I just passed my wife,” he told them.  “She was on a skateboard.”

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