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Metal Sun“A new preacher was asked to speak at a country funeral.  He had never been to the area where the funeral was and he got lost in the woods.  After wandering around for nearly an hour, he came upon some men gathered around an open grave.

“The preacher apologized for being late and started in.  Feeling bad that the deceased man only had the diggers around his grave, the preacher tried to make up for it by giving the best eulogy he could.  He preached with such passion that even the workers were shouting, ‘Praise God’ and ‘Glory be!’

“After the eulogy one of the diggers said to the preacher, ‘Preacher, that was inspirin’.  I ain’t never seen anything like that before, and I’ve been puttin’ in septic tanks for twenty years!'”

– excerpt from the novel, Walking on Water, by Richard Paul Evans

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