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Metal SunThe city miser was on his death bed and his last request was that he be alone with his lawyer, doctor, and priest.

“I know I am going to die,” he said, “and I would like to take my money with me so I am going to give each of you $150,000 and I want you to each make sure the money gets in the coffin.”

It was a few days after the funeral when the priest, overflowing with guilt, finally confided to the other two that he only put $100,000 into the coffin.  “I’m glad you brought it up,” said the doctor, “because I have also been feeling guilty.  I only put $80,000 into the coffin.”

“You people should be ashamed of yourselves, stealing money like that!” stormed the lawyer.  “Am I the only honest person of the three of us?  Here, look at this,” he said pulling out his checkbook, “look – I wrote out a check for the full $150,000.”

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