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Irma and Larry are there.

Irma & Larry on the right.
Irma & Larry on the right by the window.

My next door neighbors, Irma and Larry, epitomize what being neighborly is all about.  You can look at a previous post of mine to see what bad neighbors look like.

Today’s post provides a contrast.

In my rural Redmond neighborhood we don’t always see our neighbors face to face: some of the houses are set back from the street, and others are simply enveloped in the natural evergreen landscaping common to the area.

After last week’s neighborhood dog bite I made certain that my immediate neighbors were made aware of the vicious dogs’ location and I gave them a thumbnail sketch of what transpired.  This past Friday afternoon my husband and I were just wrapping up a mini-walk and as we approached Irma and Larry’s driveway, Irma greeted us and invited us into their house for a visit.  What awaited us was a beautiful bouquet of flowers harvested from their backyard.

Lilacs & Azaleas gracing my finished manuscript
Lilacs & Azaleas gracing my finished manuscript

Equally as precious as the flowers was the concern that both of my neighbors expressed for my doggy mishap.  These same neighbors came to my aid several years ago after I had undergone major surgery.  I assured my husband that he could return to work after staying home with me for several days and he reluctantly agreed to do so.  A couple hours into my day I was in excruciating pain.  My hubby was over an hour’s drive away, but Irma and Larry were next door.  I sent them an SOS and Irma came over to stay with me while her husband drove down to the neighborhood pharmacy for a newly prescribed medicine that would make my day a better one.  After Larry delivered the medication, Irma remained at my side until my daughter, Erin, arrived for her scheduled mommy-sitting visit at Noon that day.

The point is, good neighbors drop everything and attend to the needs of someone else.  Irma and Larry have done that time and again for this household.  It is my hope that I can catch up to their generosity and bless them as much as they have blessed me.

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