Lighten up Mondays

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Comedians – both living and passed – offer a few thoughts on motherhood:

My friend Myron tells me, “Last year on Mother’s Day the whole family got together for a big dinner, and afterward when mom started to clean up, I said to her “Don’t bother with those dishes mom.  Today is Mother’s Day.  You can always do them tomorrow.” – Joey Adams

This from Wendy Liebman: I think I’d be a good mother.  Maybe a little overprotective; like I would never let the kid out – of my body.

A woman came to ask the doctor if a woman should have children after thirty-five.  The doctor said, “Thirty-five children is enough for any woman!” – Gracie Allen

When my mom got really mad, she would say, “Your butt is my meat.”  Not a particularly attractive phrase.  And I always wondered: now, what wine goes with that? – Paula Poundstone


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