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Very little humor can be found in the world of finance – except, perhaps, for these anecdotes:

ATM at the secretary of state in Portage, MI
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A bank in New York City is now making it possible to buy and sell stock using their ATM machines.  This is great – it gives muggers a chance to diversify their portfolios.

A woman visited the bank to close her account because she was convinced the institution was going under.

Asked by a startled manager why she thought so, she produced one of her checks, endorsed by the bank, “Insufficient Funds.”

An accountant answered an advertisement for a top job with a large firm.  At the end of the interview, the chairman said, “One last question – what is three times seven?”

The accountant thought for a moment and replied, “Twenty-two.”  Outside he checked himself on his calculator and concluded he had lost the job.  But two weeks later he was offered the post.

He asked the chairman why he had been appointed when he had given the wrong answer.

“You were the closest,” the chairman replied.

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