May 2013 Celebrations

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Doesn’t seem possible, but May is here!  Personally, it’s one of my favorite months.  Here are a few month-long celebrations:

Get Caught Reading Month;   International Victorious Woman Month;   Carrots and Cauliflower Month,    National Salad Month – competing with  National Hamburger and National Barbeque Month;   Revise Your Work Schedule Month;   and finally, Older Americans Month – hip hip hooray!!!

And now for some daily celebrations:

May 1: Global Love Day and Great American Grump Out Day

May 3: Hug your Cat Day and Lumpy Rug Day (better check under your rug for Fluffy!); No Pants Day – I don’t make these up folks…

May 5: Cinco de Mayo – ole!!! and pass the tequila

May 6: No Diet Day – even if you want to – don’t!

May 8:  No Socks Day – I’m seeing a trend here…(see May 3rd)

May 11: Eat What you Want Day (see May 6th)

May 15: National Chocolate Chip Day and Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

May 18: This Blogger’s Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 19:  Mike, the Headless Chicken Day (I don’t get it either)

May 26: Indianapolis 500 (this one’s for you honey!!!!)

May 27:  Cellophane Tape Day (it’s about time the world acknowledged this important supply!)

May 28:  Slugs Return from Capistrano Day (now that’s just silly)

May 29: National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Enjoy the month of May everyone!  And for goodness sake, don’t take yourselves too seriously.

One thought on “May 2013 Celebrations

    Kathy said:
    May 2, 2013 at 6:29 am

    I love these posts. If there was a no shirt day, that would be for my son. 🙂 May 3rd is my dad’s 70th birthday and I will definitely hug my cats (I have one soaking up the sun on my desk right now). Your birthday is very close to mine – I’m the 21st. Oh, and it’s always May 8th around here. I never wear socks. Thanks for sharing!


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