October calendar “celebrations”

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The start of October is fast approaching so it’s time to see what is in store for us. I have many October occasions to tell you about in this posting, starting with those somewhat unknown ones associated in general with the month of October:

  • Adopt a shelter dog month
  • Clergy appreciation month
  • Eat country ham month
  • Cookie Month
  • National popcorn popping month
  • National vegetarian month
  • National pizza month and, appropriately
  • Sarcastic Month

Now a few day-specific “celebrations:”

  • October 2: National custodial worker day
  • October 2: Name your car/automobile day
  • October 3: Virus appreciation day (Sickness virus or computer virus????)
  • October 5: Do something nice day
  • October 7: Bald and free day
  • October 7: World smile day
  • October 9: Moldy cheese day (I guess this could also be a co-celebration of Clean out the fridge day?)
  • October 12: Moment of frustration day
  • October 13: International skeptics day (I don’t believe it)
  • October 17: Wear something gaudy day
  • October 19: Evaluate your life day
  • October 22: National nut day (the edible or the friend-type?)
  • October 27: Make a difference day
  • October 30: National candy corn day
  • October 31: Increase your psychic powers day (I bet you already knew that)

There were so many I could have posted but I just put a few out there, hoping that you have more to add.

One thought on “October calendar “celebrations”

    blessedbebeth - Middlescapes.com said:
    October 1, 2012 at 5:13 am

    Phew. Thanks for providing this valuable information. Looking forward to cleaning out the fridge and a month of cookies! lol


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