When it comes to logic, this Senior Citizen excels.

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A class of approximately 25 Senior Citizens enrolled in a Logic class at the local community college.  This class proved to be very interesting but also VERY challenging.

A week before the final exam, their Professor sympathized with their concerns about what was sure to be a difficult Final Exam, especially given the fact that the Senior Citizens in the class hadn’t sat in a classroom or been faced with this type of exam process in quite some time.  The Professor gave each student permission to fill an 8.5 x 11 sheet of white paper with what they felt would help them correctly answer the exam questions.

On the day of the exam, student by student filed into the classroom with their white pieces of paper filled with notations that they felt would help them through the exam.  The last student to enter brought in a blank piece of white paper and placed it on the floor to the left of him in the aisle.  Shortly thereafter a more traditionally aged college student walked in and stood within the confines of the piece of paper.  Wow – now that’s weird.

Turns out the student that stood on the white piece of paper had a Masters Degree in Logic and provided all the answers to the Senior Citizen who invited him to participate in the exam with him. This Senior Citizen student got all the answers right because he followed the guidelines suggested by the Professor: fill the 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with what he felt would help him correctly answer the exam questions.

Seems logical to me – wish I had thought of that when I took my college Logic exam so many years ago.


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