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Lighten up Mondays

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Are you a fitness buff, or just want to look like one?  Here are some humorous quips about exercise:

The swimming pool called Olympic (Georgia, Isa...
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You just can’t go to a public pool and splash around anymore.  Everyone’s swimming laps now.

The other day, some guy jumped in behind me and said, “How long you gonna be using this lane, dude?”

So I responded, “Until my bladder’s empty, punk.”

My fitness goals are different from most people’s.

Most people want to lose enough weight so they look good in a bathing suit, or they want to lower their cholesterol.

I just want to lose enough so my stomach doesn’t jiggle when I brush my teeth.

And finally – does this illustrate your exercise dilemma?

The gym I belong to could be more accurately be called my favorite charity.

Lighten up Mondays.

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swimming pool
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An older lady fell into the water, and not being a swimmer, she called for help.

A man jumped in to save her and grabbed her by the hair, but she was wearing a wig, and it came off.

He then grabbed her by the chin, and her false teeth popped out.

The man then yelled,

“Somebody help me save all of this woman that we can!”