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Lighten up Mondays

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With all the talk in the United States about insurance – the type used for health – I decided to provide insurance humor of a different type.

Customer: “I’d like to insure my house.  Can I do it over the phone?”

Insurance agent: “No.  I’m afraid a personal inspection is necessary.

Customer: “Okay, but you better get over here quick – the house is on fire.”

When Dan’s house burned down, his first phone call was to the guy who’d sold him his homeowner’s policy.  “I need a check for the cash value of my house, and I need it as soon as possible,” he said firmly.

“I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way,” explained the insurance agent politely.  “See, yours was a replacement policy, which means that we’ll be rebuilding the house exactly as it was before.”

“I see,” said Dan, after a long pause.  “In that case, I want to cancel the policy on my wife.”

And now a joke that many of us Baby Boomers will be able to relate to: What’s the best thing about turning sixty-five?  No more calls from insurance salesmen.