A Yummy Word: NORMAL

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Maybe it’s just my age, but the more I hear the word NORMAL applied to me, the happier I become.

That is not to say that everyone shouldn’t carry on being their unique selves – that’s a given – and my normal or unique ways may not at all resemble yours, but more and more, I’m relishing the concept of normal, especially as it applies to my health.

I feel confident in saying that each person reading this post has met with a doctor to get to the bottom of whatever pain or abnormal body sensation took hold of their body and mind. Whether tests were ordered and completed or the doctor simply examined you and declared you healthy and NORMAL, either way, you might have walked out of that experience with a spring in your step because medical science hadn’t assigned any dreaded diagnosis to what was your current way of being. If you feel every medical effort has been made to assure your well-being, try to relish the NORMAL designation, a state of being I highly recommend.

Granted, we also experience disappointment when what we’re sensing has no quick fix or pill to get us beyond what we perceive as a malady; it kind of feels as though we’ve been dismissed. But let me tell you, in my 60s decade of life, more often than not I bathe in the NORMAL designation and move on, prepared for what will no doubt be my next perceived illness or sensation.

Let’s face it, the longer I live, the more likely I am to experience dis-ease in my body. Normal sounds perfectly delightful in comparison.




2 thoughts on “A Yummy Word: NORMAL

    Jill Weatherholt said:
    March 25, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    I’m all for normal and routine, too! 😉

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