What Would Wilma Flintstone Do?

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Please, all my followers need to read this article from a very hilarious blogger – also a published author – whom I follow. You will not regret it.


Two Sundays ago, as we lingered over a sixth cup of coffee, we happened to look out the window and realized that we had company.

bear 4-26-15

We were very excited to see our visitor.  Although we were glad that he didn’t knock on the door, and he may have lumbered around the patio just a bit too long.

It is terrific to live so close to nature. That being said, we vowed to take down all the bird feeders the next day.

We had a ton of yard work to do, so we spent the afternoon raking and cleaning up winter debris – and those of you who live in a more temperate climate may be in disbelief that winter clean-up is done in April in northwest Connecticut – but yeah, and in our winter coats too.

After the bear sighting, we had a plan to stick together that day. But…

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One thought on “What Would Wilma Flintstone Do?

    Jill Weatherholt said:
    May 12, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Irene! That was hilarious! I’ve yet to see a bear running around our neighborhood, only coyotes so far.


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