Unconditional support at home and on the field

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via Jim Caviezel’s challenge to 12s: Now is the time when Seahawks need us most.

Washington State’s own Jim Caviezel, film and television actor, wrote a fabulous article for the Seattle Times newspaper, attached above.  I echo his sentiments about the importance of unconditional support.

Group of gray and blue peopleMost parents don’t have a problem understanding the concept of unconditional love when it comes to their children.  When a child messes up, they don’t give up on him or abandon him.  Parents retain the hope that their child will do better next time, and they stand by their child to help him get there.

Here’s a sad statement from Mr. Caviezel’s article:

Fans exist for many different reasons, but usually they are the result of success.  Players and coaches know that loyalty can be gained and lost in an instant.

I’m going to be honest with you, my enthusiasm wavered after the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl game.  I didn’t consider abandoning my team – no siree – but I was angry and extremely disappointed.  My daughter is a grown woman now, but when she was younger, I may have become angry at something she did or didn’t do, and I might have been disappointed in a behavior she exhibited, but I was never disappointed in her.

See the difference?  One aspect applies to something intangible, the other applies to a person.

You can be sure that after the Seahawks’ loss, they craved the support of one another and of their loved ones.  I guarantee they craved the support of their fans as well.

Whether family members or football teammates, when setbacks or defeats are experienced each of them worry about letting down the people that mean most to them.

In those moments, even more than in moments of celebration, the show of support and the unspoken knowledge that “you can count on me” is what creates the bond among teammates that lasts a lifetime.

Our very successful Seattle Seahawks football team is worthy of my unconditional support.  I’m disappointed in the outcome of the championship game, but I’m not disappointed in them.


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