Adjustment disorder: a long-term care facility side-effect.

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I noticed in my blog statistics that an article I wrote about moving into long-term care has received a lot of hits the past few weeks. This article is practical for so many of you as your life’s journey goes through its twists and turns. Whether you are on the verge of moving into long-term care, or you’re helping an adult parent or other loved one with the process, please keep in mind that it’s not just the physical move that is cumbersome; the emotional transition is one that takes considerable adjustment.

Living: the ultimate team sport

Duct-tape Moving Van

Think of a moving/relocating experience you’ve had with all of its inherent tasks of purging of items, packing what remains, and leaving all that is familiar as you move into uncharted territory.  In your new neighborhood you’re starting all over again to find: new friends;  a new supermarket with the best deals; perhaps the best school(s) for your children; a new church; and new ties to the community.  Not exactly an enjoyable experience.  It took you some time to adjust to your new community and feel that you fit in, didn’t it?

Now imagine doing the same thing as someone who is at least 70 years old with failing health, no family nearby, and perhaps with a compromised cognition level.  Vulnerable adults move into a long-term care (LTC) housing environment because of a condition, or combination of conditions, that make living independently no longer an optionBecause of this…

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