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Here’s a post that is sure to lighten your day, week, month and/or year. This blogger is an extremely good writer and her humor is something I wish I could pull off on my blog. Instead, I’ll post her humor onto mine.


Over my 63 years, men have said some memorable things to me.

So I present to you my

Man-Word Awards!

Best Pick-Up Line:

I go all the way back to 1969 for this one,  I was hanging around at the end of my summer job shift with some other teenagers, and I was wearing my coolest Mod Squad outfit. It was a mini-jumpsuit. A short-short kind of onesie with long sleeves, a big collar and a hip-hugger belt.


And one of the guys remarked on my outfit.  He said, “I like your get-up.What do you call it?”

And another guy that I didn’t even realize might like me said, “Mine.”

Now after forty-five years, I may not be as keen on a man declaring me as his possession, but at the time, I thought, “wow.”

Sweetest Line:

(This was not spoken to me, but reported to me)

My husband and…

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