Lighten Up Mondays

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An ambitious new sales rep for Budweiser beer traveled all the way to Rome and managed to get an audience with the Pope himself.  As soon as the two were alone together, he leaned over and whispered, “Your Holiness, I have an offer I think might interest you.  I’m in a position to give you a million dollars if you’ll change the wording in the Lord’s Prayer to ‘our daily beer.’  Now whaddaya say?”

“Absolutely not,” said the shocked pontiff.

“Hey, I understand; it’s a big decision,” sympathized the salesman.  “How about five million dollars?”

“I couldn’t think of it,” sputtered the Pope.

“I know it’s a tough one.  Tell you what – I can go up to fifty million dollars,” proposed the salesman.

Asking him to leave the room, the Pope called in the cardinal and whispered, “When does our contract with Pillsbury expire?”

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