Lighten up Mondays.

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Since the Vatican is front and center with the upcoming election of a new Pope, I thought I’d offer this somewhat Catholic-based humor:

English: USS Vella Gulf (CG 72) Nov. 11, 2002 ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Catholic priest and a businessman were playing golf.  After playing several holes, the businessman’s game takes a turn for the worse.

“Damn!  I missed!” he swears, as his ball lands in a sand bunker.

The priest is understandably shocked and admonishes the businessman,”Do not swear, my son.  You will incur God’s wrath.”

The next time the businessman fails, however, he exclaims again,

“Damn!  I missed!”

The priest gets very angry and scolds him severely: “My son, you place yourself in great jeopardy by your words!”

But alas, as the businessman’s ball again fails to roll where he wants it to, he yells loudly,

“Damn, I missed!”

Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes from the clear sky and reduces the priest to a pile of smoldering ash, and a booming voice from heaven shouts,

“Damn, I missed!”

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