Lighten up Mondays.

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Three sailors were stranded in a life raft with the captain after their ship had sunk in a typhoon.  After going through the emergency rations, the captain gravely announced that there was only enough food for three people.

“One of you will have to swim for it, I’m afraid,” averting his eyes from the sharks circling the raft, “but to make it fair and square, I’m going to ask each of you a question.  If you answer correctly, you stay; if you blow it, out you go.”

The three sailors nodded their agreement, and the captain turned to the first sailor.

“What was the boat that was sunk by an iceberg?”

“The Titanic,” answered the sailor with a sigh of relief.

“How many people were killed?”

“Three thousand, four hundred and seventy,” blurted the second, mopping the nervous sweat off his brow.”

“Correct,” noted the captain, then turned to the third sailor.  “Name them.”

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