Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh!

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Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh!.

I think you’ll all agree that humor can be found in almost every situation in which we find ourselves.  Even the distressing disease of dementia has its lighter moments.  The article above, by fellow blogger Don Desonier, provides a moment he had with his wonderful wife Nancy.  I think many of you will be able to visualize the scenario that this writer so adeptly describes.

Here’s a humorous story from my caregiving time with my father who died from Alzheimer’s complications in October 2007.  On one of my visits to his assisted living facility in Oregon, he asked me to help him change his hearing aid batteries.  So happy to have something to do that would benefit my father, I jumped at the opportunity to help him hear better – thereby greatly enhancing our conversational abilities.

Behind the ear aid
Behind the ear aid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He pulled out his hearing aids and I pulled the dead batteries out and placed them on the coffee table.  I turned my back for a couple seconds and upon refocusing my attention, I saw that my father had put a dozen other batteries on the coffee table – MIXED IN with the two that no longer worked.  Had my father not put all the batteries in a pile I might have been able to readily discern the two recently removed batteries.  As it was, it took us forty-five minutes to test the batteries and as luck would have it, the used-up batteries were the last two we tested.

At least I got a laugh out of it – after the initial frustration – and dad seemed to get a kick out of the fact that I was giggling about the process.  And now more than five years later – I can still reflect on that experience with a smile on my face.

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