Does anyone need a Mid-Week Funny Break?

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I know you’re accustomed to getting a joke from me on Lighten Up Mondays but I just had to give you a Mid-Week Funny Break that I thought you would enjoy.

A family who lived deep in the woods had no electricity in their home.  The wife was about to have her first child, so the father hurried to find a doctor.  At nightfall, the doctor asked the man to bring the lantern.  After their baby girl was delivered, the man put the lantern back on the table.

Suddenly the doctor said, “Hurry, bring the lantern back!” and the man complied.

Another baby girl was delivered, and the man returned the lantern to the table.

“Quick!” said the doctor.  “Bring the light back!”

“Doc,” said the man, “you don’t think they”re attracted to the light do you?”

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