Living long enough to put your foot in your mouth.

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Many years ago I attended a very large wedding at my church.  Big bridal party; all dressed to-the-nines.  While mingling after the wedding prior to walking into the church reception hall, I chatted with a couple who would be getting married a couple months hence.

“Weren’t those groomsmen’s shiny gray tuxedos atrocious?” I said.   “What were they thinking when they decided on those colors?!!!”  To which the future bride and groom then stated, “Uh – those are the exact same tuxedos we chose for our upcoming wedding!”    Oops.

I give you the above real-life example as a lead-in to the following wedding joke humor:

“How lovely you look, my dear!”  gushed a wedding guest to the bride.  The guest then whispered to the bride, “Whatever happened to that dizzy blonde your groom used to date?”

“I dyed my hair, ” replied the bride.



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